Once in a while, you stumble upon a product online and only online. It is not sold in a store, so you place your trust in reviews and in the information you find on the company's website. Usually, it takes more to win me over but with these slippers, it was the perfect storm. I needed new slippers (my old ones had gone belly-up), they were great looking products with a timeless design, they came in warm materials and it was a particularly cold, long and wet autumn. The whole day I longed for my warm home, the heat of the fireplace and... for these slippers that promised all this on their beautiful website. That, in short, is how these Mahabis slippers came into my house. Since then, they have been the first things I slip on in the morning and the last things I slip out of at night. If I was allowed to wear them at work (they are designed to be worn outside of the house) I would, that is how much I love them.

if I was allowed to wear them at work, I would

When they needed replacing, I did not think twice and wanted to order on their website but that proved impossible since the original company had put down the books and had entered administration. That gave me much to think about. Were these slippers too good a product? Were they too expensive to produce? Did the company inflate its sales numbers? Is there still a trust issue with companies only selling online? Is the direct-to-consumer sales sector in danger? Were they too focused on Millennials? Is disruption for disruption’s sake viable?


Before I had time to answer any of these questions, the site was back up and the slippers had sprung back to life. They look the same, they are priced the same, they feel the same. Whatever was behind the collapse and the reboot, I am glad this wonderful product has got a second life.


These are the selvedge jeans of shoes. Uncompromising, they hurt when you buy them, but once worn-in they are snug like a second pair of socks. Built from the best leather, they are constructed with work in mind. Still, they come in all shapes and forms so that even Cinderella can wear a pair to the ball.

snug like a second pair of socks

They can easily be re-soled and should last you at least ten years, getting more and more beautiful as they age, not unlike their owner...


I am not going into the specifics of what Selvedge denim or self-edge denim is. Rather I content myself by giving a few key pointers to its essence: it is denim of fine Japanese cotton, woven on old shuttle loom machines, colored with natural indigo, left raw (not stone-washed) and sold by quality yet largely unknown denim brands for a price typically well-above famous denim brands.

Once a user has bought a pair of raw jeans a breaking-in process starts that, depending on the thickness of the fabric, can last for several days. Once this process is completed these pants will prove to be super strong and durable. Since over time their color will fade and their form will take on the form of the wearer's body, they will truly become a unique and very personal item of clothing.


they are what I do,

where I go, who I am

I own ten pairs of these jeans. Some of them have been repaired at least five times and still I cannot get rid of them. They all represent a part of me, the things I do and of the places I visit.


Since I discovered this type of jeans I have not worn anything else. It means at least one fewer item of clothing to worry about in the morning. Finally, I should mention that these pants don't often need to be washed (once or twice a year should do it) and that regularly airing them should be enough.