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Sharp Objects (HBO)

This wonderful TV series based on the Gillian Flynn book (author of Gone Girl) of the same name shows what it is like to live in a dysfunctional family in a small Philadelphia town.

What is remarkable about this miniseries besides the excellent storyline and great acting performances is the eye for detail that went into its production. For instance, Alan the stepfather of the main character, played by Henry Czerny is a music lover with an impressive vinyl collection but also a mouth-watering HiFi set.

The people at have calculated that the whole set costs a massive 112,000 $. Of course this begs the question 'does one hear the difference between a decent quality sound system and this rack full of audio gems?' The law of diminishing returns comes to mind... Probably room acoustics and a person's deteriorating hearing when getting older play a more important role in the end result. Why then keep people deceiving themselves like this?


Compliments to the HBO people who have taken this minute detail to paint a detailed picture of the psyche of one of the main characters in this great series.