Since its fourth generation, the Apple TV has been running its own operating system, TvOS. Above other things, this means that users can now use third-party apps they downloaded from the app store. Overall, the selection is disappointing and we don't use many of them except for two exceptional ones: Mubi and Infuse. These two apps alone have made the upgrade from the third to the fourth-generation Apple Tv worth it.

Mubi is a curated movie app that offers subscribers a selection of thirty movies at any given time. Each day a new movie is added and the longest-running one is dropped. The selection of often international independent movies might seem somewhat obscure, even for a dyed-in-the-wool cinephile, but there are always hidden gems definitely worth watching. Beware: these are not the movies you will score points with the next day at the office's water cooler, but every single one of them forms a welcome antidote to what Hollywood has been spitting out lately. Even if you only manage to watch three movies a month, the low subscription fee gives you a great bang for your buck.


Mubi and Infuse 

supercharge the Apple TV

and turn it into

an Apple TV +

Infuse is an app that brings video playback and management to your Apple TV. It plays every video you throw at it. The only thing you have to do is let Infuse know where on your local network it can find your video files (it connects to your computer or your NAS through NFS and SMB) and you are set. It manages your movie and TV collection, grouping single episodes into series and seasons, grabbing movie covers and downloading synchronized subtitles.


sometimes happiness is believing your own story

Getting a projector, you don't need to get a big TV screen and we just don't want to be people with a big TV.


In our living room, we content ourselves with a 40-inch TV hidden from view to watch TV series, documentaries and news bulletins while the projector in the designated viewing area we use to watch the content that benefits from these viewing conditions, mostly movies and some prestige TV series.

This way we can still keep up the idea that the living room is about sophisticated living: reading books, playing instruments and staring into the fireplace whereas the room with the projector is for the discerning viewing experience, the visual masterpiece by an auteur who put thought into every shot, camera angle, and every cut. Sometimes believing your own story suffices to be truly happy..

Optoma home projectors are small, deliver beautiful and vivid images, rich darks and come in white. What more is there to like? The newer versions now boast 4K image so combined with the latest Apple TV this makes for a killer combo.


My wife won the battle,

I won the war

When renovating our house, I knew I wanted a home theatre. My wife wanted a baby room. She won the battle and the room we both had our eye on became a bedroom in which our firstborn slept during the first year of her life.


I, however, won the war since after that first year, my daughter was evacuated to another room and I got a second shot at creating my designated viewing room.


Then my wife reappeared... She demanded that the room should at all times be able to be converted to an extra bedroom for guests or future playmates of our daughters.


Luckily I am a big fan of the famous Goethe quote: In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister and so I tried to please everybody. I painted the walls white and installed the inauspicious Monitor 5.1 audio speaker set in white. The projector I hid in a cupboard opposite the slim Projecta screen.

The screen I managed to wall-mount in a recessed part of the ceiling so that when the screen is rolled up, it is nearly invisible. When you pull the string it comes out and the spring mechanism helps you when it is time to roll up and to return to the real world of babies and wives that bring out the best in me...